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Membership Payment options

1. Fill in an online membership form here
2. Select an ANNUAL or a MONTHLY package.
3. If you choose Annual you should fill in the Invoice details below and then wait for an invoice; if you select Monthly you will need to subscribe via Payfast to be debited monthly, and as soon as we get a mail from Payfast saying you’re subscribed, we will confirm your registration.
4. Multiple members or sponsorship packages : please e-mail us using the contact form.
For all memberships, if we don’t receive payment within 14 days, your registration request is cancelled, and you’ll need to re-register.

Invoice and payment details

Annual packages invoice form
Invoice to be in the name of (firm name in full or individual’s name)
Vat no
Purchase Order number if required
Please select your package, we will invoice you shortly so that payment by EFT can be made.
Basic (R2,000.00)
Premium (R5,000.00)
Mentorship (R11,000.00)


Monthly package links
If you wish to pay your monthly subscription by PayFast, please select here
Email address
Basic (R199.00)
Premium (R499.00)
Mentorship (R999.00)

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