Any organization that pays for a lawyer to join WOLELA helps us grow. But currently membership subscription fees only cover 50% of our running costs.

We’re looking for Sponsor firms that will champion our cause, be our partners and support WOLELA as we grow into the nationwide Association women lawyers need us to be.

Why Sponsor WOLELA?

1. Demonstrate your firm or company’s commitment to the advancement and retention of women in law
2. Learn from women in other firms what’s working and what’s not
3. Give your lawyers opportunities for networking with potential new clients from a range of industries via in-house counselWOLELA members and top-ranked attorneys and advocates.
4. Facilitate your firm’s access to the pioneering space WOLELA holds within the global Integrative Law movement and the leaders we are in touch with who are developing more conscious, humane and client centric ways to practise law
5. Work with WOLELA to decide which parts of the WOLELA programme could be offered as in-house workshops
6. Use CIL coaches for your employees at discount rates

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